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  • Where is the meeting point?
    WAKESURF.WORLD Strandweg 5 WAKESURF.WORLD pier 3705 Faulensee
  • What do I have to take with me?
    Comfortable clothing for water sports Towel Dry clothes Your own wetsuit depending on the season and temperature
  • Does the offer take place in any weather?
    In the event of rain and excessive wind, the booking will be canceled free of charge. According to the general terms and conditions, there are no claims by either party.
  • Are there any additional costs?
    Our prices are transparent and include fuel and all equipment. The boat driver is included in all offers. Photos, films or drone recordings are billed separately.
  • Can I take other people with me as spectators?
    If space on the boat allows, spectators can join the boat for a fee. Please book this as well.
  • How many people can be accommodated on the boat?
    The boat is approved for 16 people. The maximum number of participants is 12 people.
  • How can I pay?
    It is possible to pay cashless on site. We accept Maestro, Master, Visa or Twint. Of course you can also pay with cash.
  • Who is liable in an accident?
    Insurance is the responsibility of the participant in accordance with our general terms and conditions.
  • Meals
    We do not offer catering with the offers. Meals take place on land. Mineral water may be consumed on the boat. Other drinks and food are not allowed.
  • Rules on the boat
    The use of any kind of lighter, matches, cigarettes is prohibited. The storage space on the boat is limited, so we ask that you only take the essentials with you. Due to hygiene and safety regulations, we cannot take animals on our boat. Good music is always part of it. The volume is controlled by the captain and must be respected. Your own drinks can be brought in sealable bottles.
  • Safety on the water
    During water sports, there is relatively high stress on various muscles for a short time. To prevent injuries, you should do a short warm-up program before each start. When you're in the water, never give the start signal until the boat's line is taut and you're really ready. Never reach for the dumbbell triangle or the slack line, i.e. neither at the start nor during the ride or after the ride has ended. If you fall, try to fall backwards or sideways. The impact on the water is so much softer than a fall forward. In addition, the risk of contact with the sports equipment is lower. Note the internationally accepted signals and commands for communication between the boater/trainer and the water sports enthusiast WAKESURF.WORLD rejects any liability towards the participant in the event of accidents, damage to property or the loss of objects. He/she has to take care of an adequate insurance. In this context we refer to our general terms and conditions.
  • Opening hours
    The opening hours are stored in our booking calendar. Basically, we are out and about on Lake Thun at the following times: Monday to Friday 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday 08:00 - 15:00 Sunday 08:00 - 21:00

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