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After the start you are on the boat for about 2 hours and only pay for your session, which you drive behind the boat as a rider. A session with us lasts 15 minutes. You are also welcome to accompany riders as a spectator. Please also register viewers under Book a session.

Boat rental / EVents 

After the start you are on the boat for the agreed time of your event and pay a flat rate. Here you can practice all activities, swim or simply enjoy the sun during the booked time. Thanks to the all-inclusive prices, you have your costs under control at all times. A maximum of 10 persons can participate in an event. The time runs from the departure to the return to the jetty.

driving hours

You have completed your category A ship test and already have a shaft-driven boat or would like to buy one. With us you can gain practical experience in wakesurfing, wakeboarding or maneuvering under real conditions. 1 lesson of 60 minutes CHF 30.- incl. boat and fuel during the water sports activities.

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